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Technology effectively permeates the operations of
the entire institution and therefore defies compartmentalization.

Technology enables key processes that the financial institutions use to
develop, deliver and manage its product, services and suport operations.

Technological innovation brings great opportunities but also real risks. Are the concepts presented to your company legitimate and do they stand up to rigorous testing? Will a new approach succeed in securing a system or expose it to new, unknown threats? Our team of experienced engineers, academics and IT professionals scrutize new technological proposals, taking the uncertainty out of innovation.

Malware is not the only external threat to a company and its sensitive corporate data, resulting in data loss, website faults and irreparable damage your company’s operations.
Businesses face other sophisticated cyber attacks using both syntactic and semantic methods.

Technology offers real-time communication and instant information transfer for businesses. Companies using cutting-edge technological solutions stand ahead of the competition, maximising the return on their IT investments.

Solutions & Services

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is used to determine the reliability and strength of a firm's Internet security measures.

Policy Compliance

Policy compliance works to reduce risks while adhering to all internal policies and market regulations.


Computer forensic investigation and analysis techniques gather and store digital evidence from any device.

Incident Response

Incident response to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security data breach or attack (incident).


Information security consulting to protect your business from a security breach from world-class consultants.

Application Assessment
& Code Review

Manual and/or automated review of an application’s source code to identify security related weaknesses/flaws.

Vulnerability Management

Identifying and quantifying vulnerabilities to provide a real-time state of your network health.

Business Continuity

We help you to prepare for disruptive events - whether those events might include a hurricane or simply a power outage.

Security Awareness Training

Comprehensive training for your employees how to identify potential and prevent fraud attempts.

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